2017 Bikepacking Summit Presenters

The goal was to gather a group of people who we'd like to spend the weekend with, in hopes that you would feel the same. These fine folks will share their knowledge and unforgettable experiences with you to get you stoked on your next bikepacking endeavor.  More to come!

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Jefe Branham

Jefe is widely known as one of the pioneers of ultra endurance bikepacking, lining up for the first Colorado Trail Race in 2007 and winning it in 5 days 5 hours. Jefe has completed two runs on the Tour Divide, one where he took first place as a singlespeed rider in 2011, and also came in at 2nd overall that year. Jefe is a pioneer in other aspects as a celebrated bike mechanic in his local town and in making much of his own gear, including pogies, bivvys, bags and the like. 

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alice drobna

Born in Czechoslovakia, and based out of Bend Oregon, Alice was not only the first female to complete the triple crown challenge of bikepacking, but she was the first individual to ever complete it on one gear. She completed the Arizona Trail Race, Tour Divide (singlespeed women's record) and Colorado Trail during the summer of 2015. Alice brings a whole new level of badass to the summit. 

Photo courtesy of thebicyclestory.com

Photo courtesy of thebicyclestory.com

Casey Greene

Casey Greene is the President of Bikepacking Roots, a non-profit organization whose mission is to be "dedicated to the support and advancement of bikepacking and the conservation of the landscapes to which we ride." Casey has years of experience on the bike and is responsible for the creation of the Adventure Cycling Association's Idaho Hot Springs route. 


Jonathan Houck

Jonathan brings a legislative voice to the Bikepacking Summit as the County Commissioner of one of Colorado's largest counties, Gunnison County. While Jonathan is a governmental employee and is passionate about trail advocacy and land rights, he is also a father and a husband who takes getting off the grid on his bike seriously. So much so that he bikepacked around the Gunnison County to campaign to remote towns for his second term election. 

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Payton MAcDonald

Payton MacDonald is a professional musician, a percussionist, singer and composer, specializing in contemporary classic music and Eastern Indian classical music. Payton is the producer behind "Sonic Divide," where he toured the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from south to north, while stopping at all 30 continental divide locations to perform pre-composed commissioned pieces with only the use of his natural surroundings, other found percussion objects, and the single pair of drum sticks he carried with him. Payton will be showing his video and will be available for Q&A. 


Eric Parsons

Eric Parsons is the man behind Revelate Designs, one of the first manufacturers focusing on lightweight bikepacking gear. Eric's revolutionary concepts and trends can be seen throughout the bikepacking industry as it has evolved overtime. Based in Anchorage, Eric has the proper testing grounds for designing a high standard of gear, and is no doubt a forerunner in the industry. 


Scott Pauker

Scott has recently returned stateside after a 3 year, 32,000 mile bikepacking tour of the Americas from northernmost Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. During his journey Scott has focused on integrating a love of mountain biking, wilderness, and deep human connection, and will be sharing some his insights about this and long-term international bike travel. Post summit, he'll be returning to Latin America to begin guiding mountain bike and bikepacking trips in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru.



Billy is known for his famous yo-yo completion of the Tour Divide in 2013, finishing the same route in 2015 on a tandem with his then 16 year old daughter, his ride on the first annual Trans Am and his appearance in the film "Inspired to Ride". Billy is not only an accomplished endurance athlete, but he is also the owner and coach of Invictus Cycling, an ultra-distance coaching program that focuses on training and nutrition. Coach of racers such as Juliana Buhring and Brian Steele, Billy will share his experience and knowledge with the Bikepacking Summit.