2018 Bikepacking Summit Presenters

Our goal is to gather a group of people who we'd like to spend the weekend with, in hopes that you feel the same. We will be announcing presenters as they are solidified!


Kaitlyn Boyle

Kaitlyn brings years of experience in ultra endurance cycling through her successes at 24 hour races, multi-day bikepacking events and both national and international touring. Kaitlyn is the co-founder of Bikepacking Roots and manages the conservation and outreach. 


Kurt Refsnider

Kurt has been bikepacking for over 10 years. As a professor of Geology at Prescott College, Kurt has had many accomplishments both on and off the bike. He has had record-setting rides on well-known bikepacking routes, is the founder and coach of Ultra MTB Consulting, and has most recently decided to focus his efforts on co-founding Bikepacking Roots as a way to advocate for the bikepacking community. 


Scott Pauker

Scott has recently returned stateside after a 3 year, 32,000 mile bikepacking tour of the Americas from northernmost Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. During his journey Scott has focused on integrating a love of mountain biking, wilderness, and deep human connection. Since he returned, he has been guiding mountain biking in the Moab desert. 

Greg Hardy - Headshot.JPG

Greg Hardy

Founder of Rockgeist, Greg Hardy brings a bikepacking bag manufacturer perspective to the summit. Greg will enlighten us with his extensive knowledge of textiles, packing to preserve comfort and safety, as well as his experience on the trail perfecting his strategies.


Billy Rice

Billy is known for his famous yo-yo completion of the Tour Divide in 2013, finishing the same route in 2015 on a tandem with his then 16 year old daughter, his ride on the first annual Trans Am and his appearance in the film "Inspired to Ride". Billy is not only an accomplished endurance athlete, but he is also the owner and coach of Invictus Cycling, an ultra-distance coaching program that focuses on training and nutrition. Coach of racers such as Juliana Buhring and Brian Steele, Billy will share his experience and knowledge with the Bikepacking Summit.  Photo courtesy "Inspired To Ride" 


Logan Watts

Logan Watts fell in love with remote mountain bike rides by exploring the far corners of North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest in the late 2000s. In 2012, Watts made a major life change when he ditched his career in graphic design and set out on his first, six-month, long-distance bike tour. Along the way, he created Pedaling Nowhere, a brand and blog to document he and his wife Virginia's travels. After that trip, the couple set out on many other bikepacking excursions through Africa, Europe, Central Asia, and the Americas, exploring singletrack and dirt road routes they found through scouring maps and digging deep into other riders’ reports. In 2013 Pedaling Nowhere launched what Watts had wished for all along, the internet’s first major bikepacking routes project, a map-based route collection of curated long-distance dirt routes from around the globe. The success of the routes project led to the creation of BIKEPACKING.com. The map now features almost 200 routes all over the world and is growing weekly.

Beth Pic3 - Sean.jpg

Beth Shaner

Beth started bikepacking some years ago as a means to explore more territory than she could on two feet with a backpack. After her first trip on the White Rim, she was hooked. Although primarily bikepacking for fun, she has dabbled in ultra-endurance racing including a few winter ultras and completed the Arizona Trail Race 300 and 750.  An emergency department registered nurse, clinic manager, and volunteer EMT by trade, Beth enjoys the challenge of balancing work, play, with the occasional bikepacking tour or race thrown in.    


Steve "Doom" Fassbinder

With some serious multi-sport experience under his belt, "Doom" will be providing us with an in depth and interactive backcountry repair demonstration during the Summit.  

“I'm passionate about creative, human powered, low impact travel,” Fassbinder says. “And I want to be proficient at any given sport that I'm participating in. That only comes experientially for me. I can't learn from a book, so I'm motivated to get out there to get better.”

Teo 2 BP Summit.JPG

Jonathan Houck

Jonathan has been combining his role as a Gunnison County Commissioner with his creative bikepacking spirit to focus on developing routes throughout the Gunnison Valley. He has been working on fun, obtainable and thoughtful routes that cater to those who might not have generous amounts of time and are friendly to those newer to the sport. A Gunnison County Loop is envisioned as week long endeavor that ties many of the shorter opportunities together showcasing the county's diverse landscape.  Jonathan recently joined the board of directors of Bikepacking Roots.